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Let’s be the sport that has the highest Booster Club membership in 2023, four years running!

The PV Sharks Booster Club is an integral part of the continued excellence of athletics at PVHS! By joining the PV Sharks Booster club, you are committing to support not only Cross Country but ALL athletics at PVHS and our entire athletic community. The PVHS Booster Club financially supports PVHS to maintain all athletic fields and works closely with the athletic department to assist with costs that can’t be covered by the school and/or county. The PV Sharks Booster club is also responsible for maintaining our status as a 501c3 organization as well as ALL teams’ accounting systems and insurance.

You may ask, why am I telling you this? Because Booster Membership is now OPEN for the 2023-2024 school year and we strongly encourage all of our PVXC families to join and support the PV Sharks Booster Club. By joining at the Nurse level or above, your XC team fees will be covered.

The fees for the 2023 season will remain the same as last season at $225 and we ask that these fees be paid no later than July 21, 2023. These fees are collected from each athlete to ensure we have enough funds to cover our expenses for the entire season.

There are several options available to pay your Cross Country team fees - there is a lot of detail below, so please read through the options carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Click HERE to join the PV Sharks Booster Club!

  • Join Boosters at the Nurse level - If you join at the Nurse ($350) level, please be sure to allocate 100% to XC and your XC team fees will be PAID IN FULL. At this level, you will receive 2 entry passes to 1 entire season (fall, winter or spring) of regular home games at PVHS – you choose the season!
  • Join Boosters at the Mako level or higher - please pay attention to the last line of the membership graph as this is the amount allocated to your sport of choice. Since XC needs $225 to cover the team fees, you’ll need to calculate the percentage that XC needs. In the case of Mako, it’s 64% and for Tiger it’s 46%. You’ll be asked for this information in GoFan when you join Boosters. If you’re interested in attending home football games and receiving assigned seats and a football game parking pass, the Tiger level membership is a great value.
  • Join Boosters at the Guppy level - If you choose to join at the Guppy level, $115 will be allocated to XC from the Booster Club which leaves a $110 balance due to XC. Click HERE to pay the additional $110 via PayPal to Cross Country.
  • If you are a XC athlete as well as a Track & Field athlete at PVHS – please consider joining at the Tiger ($600) level, $485 will be allocated to the sport(s) of your choice. If you allocate your funds 46% to XC/54% to track, then you will cover your team fees for BOTH sports.
  • If you have multiple siblings participating in XC this year, please choose a higher level of booster membership in order to cover the team fees for all of your XC participants. Keep in mind that booster membership is per family and not per athlete, so it is more cost effective to pay for all of your student athletes at the same time under one membership.

We also understand that everyone is not comfortable with joining the Booster Club, therefore, if you’d like to pay only the $232 ($225 plus $7 PayPal fee) team fee and NOT join the PVHS Booster Club, please click HERE. You’ll be directed to a secure PayPal link where you’ll be able to pay your Cross Country fees.

*any hardship requests can be made in confidence to [email protected] or [email protected].

Lastly the Athletic Department at PVHS has a Student-Athlete registration fee for each sport. This year the fee has increased to $50. This fee is paid directly to PVHS via SchoolPay and the link to pay this fee will be active on August 1st.

Please do not reach out to Coach Circelli with questions about booster membership or team fees. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at any time at [email protected].

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